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Caught dressed

I had been so careful not to get caught. I had been away from home many times and each time I had dressed and cammed alot and enjoyed the attention I had gotten from all the hot horny men who love to watch mmmmm.

Today here I am starring at my wife as I come out of the bathroom. Here is my wife in a very DOMINATE outfit starring at me with a very serious look! I am in shock and she sees the look on my face and she says what r u looking at u sissy slut? My mouth is dry, I can’t say a thing as hard as I am try. She tells me from now on you call me mistress or I am going to spank you. I muster up the words YES MISTRESS and it comes out in a high pitched sound! Mistress laughed!

Mistress tells me get over here and follow me to the livingroom and as I do she sits on my big lazyboy. Misress now tells me sissy come sit here on the floor at my feet.

As I obey and sit at Mistress’s feet looking up at her. She tells me this is very shocking what I have discovered about you! I want the truth or I will divorce and take everything away from you sissy!

I kept looking up at her and Mistress told me I want you to tell me the truth about your crossdressing. Have you dressed in my clothes ever? How long have you been crossdressing?

I started to tell her about the day I was home alone and I had been looking at porn on the net. I told her how I had opened a site and what I found was a story that lead to the man crossdressing because he had lost a bet to his wife. I then looked for more sites that had stories with crossdressing. I read a lot and I mean alot of stories how men liked the feeling of the clothes and how sexy and horny they felt dressed in femenine lingerie.

Over the next couple of hour I read alot of stories and looked at alot of pictures. I was so horny and very hot from all the sites I had been to. I decided to give it a try. Yes MIstress I did try on one pair of your panties the first time.

As I slid your sexy black panties up my legs right away I loved the feeling so so so very much. Because I had read so many stories about how it would feel I was so ready and I was not disappointed at all. By the time I pulled the silky smooth panties up my thighs I was so horny and so hot I was like trembling all over. I was hocked.

I pulled the silky black panties all the way up to my crotch. The panties were very tight and the way I felt I could tell right away I was getting the black panties very wet because I was so wet from being so horny for so long that morning.

My cock was loving it so much. I was so hard and so wet mmmmmm. My balls were so full and so loving the feeling of the silky panties. I am sorry mistress, but I filled your sexy black panties with my cummm without touching my cock. I was so horny. I am sorry mistress. I did enjoy my self so much.

Next story I will tell her about using my cam while dressed!


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