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Interracial couple

I was at a bar in St Pete Florida near Central Ave. I was really minding my own business when I saw this interracial couple shooting pool. I watched them for a good hour. She was early 20s and so was he. She was this skinny tattooed all over fake blonde with multiple colors in her hair. She was about 5″5 with not much of a chest and she just screamed white trash. He was not much taller then her and skinny as well. He was black as spades. I asked if I could play and put my quarters on the table. They enjoyed being somewhat affectionate with one another. I felt like they where trying to make a point. Now I’ll tell you I’m very judgemental and I saw 2 k**s that feel that they need to show the world that there in a interracial relationship. I could see that they didn’t have deep pockets either and struggled with money. My time to play came up and I racked the balls. He asked if I wanted to play for money. I told him I wasn’t good at playing. Now I have a fetish for sucking not just cock but black cock and I love watching interracial porn and I’ve been with couple’s and women that also love black cock but I’ve always been with older people. The girl was a real pistol. She had been noticing me watching them. She asked if I had a problem with her and her man. I was quickly on the defence. I said no as she looked at me with that fuck you look and he boyfriend started getting his feathers ruffled. I had them both meet me on one of the corners of the table farthest from anyone. I said I apologized if me watching them made them uncomfortable and that not only was I not offended but was rather intrigued by them both. I told them with a healthy concern with what I was about to tell them in the next few minutes would go badly. I told them that I had a thought before coming over to the table and that was to see if I offered them a set amount of money if they had the courage to sexually do a little show for me in the parking lot at some time during the night involving me watching him fuck her and letting me eat his cum from her pussy. I offered $200 and wasn’t going to offer another penny or do anything less then simply watch him fuck her and then eat her cum filled pussy and pay after I finished. I told them they had a few minutes to talk but a answer had to be given within that time frame. These two looked at me like what the fuck and stepped back. I told them I was from out of town and most likely never returning to the area. I said time starts now. This guy just looked over at her like what fuck really and she looked at him like for two hundred dollars I could fucker and let me suck his cock. She answered quickly with a yup and asked when. I looked at him and he looked like he just lost the most important race of his life. I said after this game we step outside to the parking lot and do it on the tailgate of my truck. She said let’s play. We played I won and she had her stick back on the wall and walking to the door. I followed and he followed me. We got to my truck and I dropped the tailgate and she pulled her shirt up pulled her underwear off and handed them to me and said I could keep them. She sat on the tailgate and ordered him to pull his cock out and fuck her. He must really atleast care allot about her because he was fucking away quickly. He lasted about 5 minutes and I was in her pussy tongue deep in seconds. I cleaned that pussy out in no time. I stood and pulled $200 out and handed it to her. I thanked them both and walked back to the bar. I was inside about 5 minutes when they came in and went back to shooting pool with me. We laughed and played another hour before she asked if I’d do it again and I said I would but wasn’t paying twice. He just looked at her like really again and without money !! I said I’d give $50 if I was able to jerk off Infront of her with his cum on my face before eating her pussy again and she told him to deal with it since he was clearly not on board. We stepped back out and sure as shit she was on my tailgate getting fucked and I was soon on my knees taking a facial and stroking my cock. I finished and she stopped me and said to fuck her and cum in her pussy. I just did as asked but planned on pulling out simply because I’m not interested in being a father again. I was about to pull out when she pulled me in and I came in this girls pussy and soon eating my own cum out of her with his on my face. We all finished and dressed. We all walked into the bar and that’s when the shit hit the fan. He decided he wasn’t interested in being with her and walked out of the bar. She shared with me that they had been living in a hotel room down the road and has been dancing for money. I asked if they had plans order then what they had going. She told me she was the one working while he hung with friends. She told me she was just working until she could go home to NY. She told me that she had guys at the club that loved doing what I had done. She asked if I wanted to go to the club and pick up another bi guy to play with and I was quick with a yes. We walked out and got in my truck and went to her topless bar and 10 minutes later she introduced me to another guy like me. We all went back to my room and we all had amazing sex. The guy left and she stayed with the night. I loved her young body witch also had piercings in her nipples. I would’ve loved to have been able to eat more cum from her beautiful hairless pussy. I drove her back to her hotel room and told her if she wanted me to see her that night at the club to bring a change of clothing and we’d have more fun my last night in town. I went we played in the back room and took 2 other bi men back to my room for hours of mmmf fun. I returned her to her boyfriend tired. He was standing outside the room. I think I need to find some more young sexy pussy to enjoy.


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