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Sex in Germany

After reading a lot of stories here I decided that it is time to write one of my own.

It was summer 2009 I had just a few months ago moved to Germany. I was alone without a Girlfriend and I didn’t speak a word of German at the time. So I decided to make a profile here in xHamster. Some days later I start messaging with a girl from the next city. After hour in front of the screen exchanging fantasies we decided to meet.

She was 1,75 red hair and some extra kilos (I like bbw). She had big tits and she was wearing a shirt that just barely was holding the amazing tits with a short skirt. When I saw her I got so horny that I couldn’t control myself. I proposed to skip diner and go directly to her room and she accepted.

She lived nearby. It was a small student apartment. The time we entered the door she pushed me against the wall and started to kiss me. Then she pushed me in her bed. She tried to unzip my pants but I stopped her. I told her that I will be first. I putted her to the side of the bed and I lifted her skirt and I realized the she was not wearing any panties.

She had a wet well shaved pussy with fat lips. The sight made my cock harder than before. I started to lick her pussy. The smell was intoxicating. My tongue was licking round of her clit but without touching the middle. I licked a little higher of the clit or lower the upper side of the entrance of her pussy. I heard her moaning. I continue that for some time and the I licked my lips and the putted them round her clit. I start sucking softly in small time intervals. The inside of my lips I started to lick her clit with increasing tempo. I removed my lips. Now my tongue is licking her clit fast. I feel her ready to cum and I stop to keep her to the edge of the orgasm. She was begging to continue. I putted 2 fingers in her and I started to move them in and out slowly . I increased the tempo and started to lick her again but this time a let her orgasm. Her body was shaking while I licked the entrance of her pussy to taste her cum.

Then I removed my pants and we turned 69. She sucks my cock I lick her clit until she orgasmed again. Seconds later I came too. He took the cum in her mouth and came to kiss me . It was the first time I was tasting my sperm. He continue kissing me and the she went again in my cock. She sucked it until it was hard again and then she ride my cock with face to me. I was licking her nipples.

Then she turned to the other side she continue riding my cock but now I had face her big sexy ass. Her ass hole was so sexy. I licked my fingers and I started touching her asshole. I felt her coming close to orgasm. She orgasmed again riding my cock. The view of her shaking from orgasm was amazing hot and I was also ready to cum I asked her to go away and she said that I could cum inside her. I cum in her pussy.

He brought her pussy to my face demanding to clean the mess I did. I didn’t refuse I clicked her pussy which was covered with my cum. I did it intensively I likced her clit again . I did it for some time(more than 15 min) until she orgasmed again with my tongue. The feeling her orgasm made my cock hard again.

I was tired but I was too horny to stop. I asked her if I could fuck her anal(It was the only way that I could continue a 3 time without rest. She said ok and she opened a drawer and brought a lubricant crème and an anal plug and a dildo. I putted a lot o lubricant in her ass and in the anal plug and I inserted it in her ass. I started fucking her doggy stile but slowly. Some minutes later I removed the plug and I putted lubricant in the dildo. Inserted the dildo in her asshole very slowly to be sure that she didn’t hurt. After the dildo was inside her I turned it on to the maximum and I continue fucking her pussy faster .Both her holes was full and she was rubbing her clit at the same time . I felt her orgasming again. After she orgasmed I removed the dildo and I inserted my cock inside her ass hole. The ass was ready and well lubricated. I felt it warm. I continued fucking her while she rubbed her clit. I did is slow in order to delay my orgasm until she orgasms . She rubbed her clit faster and faster until, she orgasmed for a last time. This was my signal. I stared fucking hard until I cum inside her ass hole.

I was so tied I felt to the side . She did the same. We felt a sleep and we woke up some hours later. We had sex again but this an another story for another day.

Thank you very much for your time and forgive me for some grammatical errors in the text.


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