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Chating spanish wife

My fingers peck at the keyboard as I blink at the screen, the words glowing fuzzily back at me. I reach out and take a sip of my soda to wet my drying lips. I read over her words again.

{my pussy is so wet for u}

I glance at my response in the send box before hitting return, watching my words magically appear on the screen before me.

{r u playing with urself now?}

I couldn’t believe how wrapped up in this I had become. I never went into chatrooms before, the whole interest of computers and Internet communication escaping me, but sitting home by myself for days upon days, nothing to occupy all this time I had free, I went ahead, figuring that maybe it would ease my boredom slightly. That had been two weeks ago, and now I looked forward to sitting down in front of my computer every night, hoping to encounter this girl I happened to meet in some chatroom. My imagination filled with thoughts of her, fueled by her emails and our chatting, fueled by fantasies that would never be met.

{my fingers r rubbing my clit}

{i’m thinking how good ur tongue would feel against me}

I feel slightly odd as my dick twitches against my boxers. I know the chances of ever meeting this girl were nonexistent, but reading how she would play with herself and what she was thinking had become so seductive that my mind makes it all real. I pictured her laying in bed, her hand moving feverishly between her legs as she squeezed her tits with the other, her pale, slender fingers sinking into her soft flesh. Her black hair fanning out over her pillow as she gasped and thrust her breasts towards the ceiling.

{r ur nipples getting hard?}

I rub the length of my cock as I imagine her somewhere out there, pinching her hard pink nipples, her fingers sliding under the confines of her panties to touch her wanting wetness.

{yes. i want u to bite them, to suck on them}

I shift so that I can type clumsily with my left hand, my eyes closing and seeing her firm breasts in front of my face, her hard nipples beckoning me. My lips close over one stiff nipple, flicking it with my tongue, rolling it between my teeth as her hands clutch into my hair.

{u like ur tits sucked on? my tongue on ur titties?}

I feel so strange writing to this girl, losing myself in an unreal world with someone I didn’t know. She had told me a little about herself, things I took as truths. She told me that she was younger, having turned eighteen just a few months before, that her hair was long and midnight black, her breasts firm and not too big but just right. My mind paints the rest, imaging what my desires wanted. I was left with an ever-changing portrait, images of want that my mind lingered on but never focused on, knowing that this was my Sarah though no recognition was ever to be made. She was my fantasy, constant and mercurial at the same time.


{i want u to lick my pussy}

I imagine her voice, thick with yearning, whispering these words in the darkness over my head. Her legs spreading as I slide lower over top her, my fingertips reaching her uncovered sex ahead of my lips and finding the flesh there already wet with her desire.

{u like my tongue on ur hard clit?}

My words lit on the screen as I think of her pussy, the smooth flesh and the sweet folds of her pussy lips growing swollen and red with her excitement. Her hard nub of a clit poking from under its hood to receive my kisses as my fingers spread her lips open. Her juices covering my tongue, the taste sinking into my lips and sliding down my throat.

{yes. lick my pussy baby}

{get my pussy ready for ur hard cock}

Glancing over my shoulder to make sure the door was firmly shut, I shove my shorts down my legs, letting my dick jut up into the air. My hand circles around my hard cock, sliding along it a few times. I always feel nervous and scared at this point, as though she could see from the other side of the screen to me sitting here with my hard dick sliding in and out of my fist. But the thought excites me as well; I wanted her to watch me jerk off, I wanted her to see that she was getting me off.

{my dick is so hard baby}

{do u have ur panties off?}

I would do that, change the fantasy. Picturing her sitting somewhere at a desk, the glow of her computer screen lighting her face, her legs spread open as her hand teased at her clit, getting me even harder, making her more real. She would tell me that she was really masturbating as she sat there chatting, that she would read the emails I sent her while fingering herself. I let myself believe her completely, thinking that if I was here doing it, then it was a good chance she might be too.

{yea. i’m sitting here just in my tshirt}

{i was thinking about u last nite when i went to bed}

{thinking about how wet u make me}

{i wish u were here with me now}

I wanted to be with her too, more than anything lately. I know there’s no chance of this, but I prefer thinking of her than of other girls I see at the bars or anywhere, or even of my own girlfriend sometimes. I wanted her so badly; my cock aches for her. My entire body aches for her, wishing to make her real.

{i want to tell u about what I fantasized about last nite after reading ur email. just sit there with ur hard cock. i want to make u cum like u made me cum with that story of urs}

{i was thinking about waking up next to u}

{ur breath whispered against my neck not to turn around as ur hard cock pressed against my ass}

{ur lips softly kissed my neck as ur hand slid around to my naked tit…gently squeezing it and playing with my nipple, making it hard}

{ur kisses on my neck sent pangs of excitement thru my body}

{ur hand moves slowly down my belly and my breathing gets harder and faster. i hear u moan against my hair as ur fingers reach my just-shaved pussy}

{ur fingers gently spread my lips to reveal the hot moisture of my excited cunt. my moans get louder as ur finger lightly touches my clit. my hips start to move as u rub ur finger around my sensetive hard bud}

I breath heavily as I read her words lighting up on the screen. I reach over to my nightstand to grab the bottle of massage oil my girlfriend leaves over here, letting a few drops of the cold sticky fluid fall onto the underside of my cock. I drop the bottle nearby, knowing I’ll want more as my strokes became more determined. My cock slides easily in the palm of my hand, my grip tight as I watch the screen with hazy eyes. In my mind I can see her story taking place, her taunt body arching back against me.

{u bite at my earlobe as ur finger moves down from my clit to my wet hole, pressing the tip of ur finger just slightly into me and then back to my clit}

{„oh no don’t move it“ i moan as my hips start to move on ur finger but u won’t let it slide into me. „please baby finger my cunt“ i moan but u concentrate on my clit as ur hard cock slides back and forth between my warm thighs}

{„please baby fuck me…please…my cunt needs ur hard cock“ i can’t help from whispering. ur silence is so loud and i want u so bad, my body starts trembling from ur touch until i’m ready to scream}

{ur hand moves away from my hot wet cunt, ur fingers finding my lips in the darkness as i hear u say „lick my fingers. lick ur juices from my fingers.“ my mouth opens and ur fingers slide between my lips and i start to suck on them like they were ur big hard cock}

{u move ur fingers in and out of my hot wet mouth with the same rhythm as ur cock between my thighs. oh god my pussy is getting so wet}

I’m gasping as each line appears before me, almost feeling her presence next to me, her lips wrapped around my fingers. The oil that coats my dick has that musky smell of sex and I know exactly what the juices of her cunt would smell like, how it would feel coating my fingers. My dick throbs with each stroke, promising a moment of intensity that I wish I could share with her.

{i feel ur leg slide over mine as u move the rest of ur body over me. i can just barely see ur face in the dark room as i put my arms around u and pull u down on top of me and kiss u deeply}

{my legs spread wide open and u settle down between them, ur hard cock pressing against my wet pussy}

{i thrust my hips upward and ur swollen head slides down my pussy and into my hot wet cunt. u move up and it slides back out. my hands clench at ur ass and i shove my hips up again, wanting ur cock inside me}

{„u want my cock baby“ u ask and gasping i say „yes i need it…please now…i stand it.“ u look into my eyes, ur devilish grin pressing against my lips. „tell me what u want.“}

{„oh god“ i moan. „ur cock. i want ur hard cock in my cunt. i want u to fuck me!“}

{„OH MY GOD“ i cry when with one fast hard thrust ur cock sinks into my tight hot wet cunt. „OH YES“}

{u pull out almost all the way and look at me. „is that what u want baby?“ i moan and pant and say between breaths „i want u to fuck me with ur cock. i want my pussy filled with u. make me cum baby. fuck me“}

My fist tightens around my cock, her words brushing my ear. She is making me so hot, making me so hard. I imagine her fucking me, my cock just on the edge of filling her tight cunt, wanting so badly to feel her pussy surround my dick. I no longer feel as though I’m sitting in front of the computer, but instead laying overtop her, her skin burning against mine, her lips fumbling against mine as our bodies melt into one. My eyes squeeze tight but I slow down, peering back at the screen in front of me.

{my cunt stretches open around the swollen head of ur cock. i can feel it slide in inch by inch slowly. the walls of my cunt contract around the length of ur cock and squeeze as u slide in and out…in and out…over and over}


{ur mouth drops to my hard nipple, sucking it in between ur lips…pulling… biting. the air bursts out of me as u grind ur cock all the way in and my body shakes uncontrollably. my cunt explodes around ur hard cock…and then again…and again}

{ur cock thrusts in and out of me, spreading me wider. i’m screaming „OH GOD. YES. FUCK MEEEE!“ as u shove deeper into my cunt. u move faster and deeper, pounding against me until it feels like my pussy is exploding}

{u keep fucking me harder as i clench my eyes tight…cumming as ur dick pounds into my wet pussy, cumming so hard. ur fingernails sink into my ass as i feel ur dick clenching deep inside me. against the walls of my cunt i feel u empty ur balls inside me}

{u grind against me as u push deeper into my cunt and another gush of ur hot cum fills me, spilling out between us. my legs intertwine with urs and i wrap my arms tightly around u, gritting my teeth against ur shoulder as my own orgasm releases me}

I fall back against my chair, gasping, my lips dried and my own come spilled across my thigh, covering my fingers. I don’t move, having to come down from this strange orgasm that matches anything I’ve ever felt with a woman against me. I don’t know how to tell her what she’s made me feel, how she’s made my heart beat so heavily in my chest. I look away from the screen to find something to clean myself off with, feeling disappointed that she is not here to see what she’s done to me. When I look back up to the screen, she’s left her goodbye waiting for me in soft passionate words that carry just as much weight in them as the intimations above.

{silence…screaming silence…as our bodies tremble and we try to catch our breath. our hearts pound against each other’s chest as ur lips press mine. u look into my eyes…and i say to u……..}

And though she’s signed off, I feel her against me, I feel her heart beating against mine, her breath brushing against my skin. And I know the wait until I find her again online will feel like forever.


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